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We follow our proven process, then execute & modify to stay nimble.

Consumers are more apt to believe in a business that’s talked about by others before it’s talked about by the brand.

Using PR at all levels of the sales funnel helps your team whet the appetite of new prospects and spark repeat business in your Food & Beverage or Hospitality niche. We open doors to fresh perspectives on your unique offerings, influencing buyers at key points along their journey.
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Our Proven Process


Kick Off

Discovery | Research | Set KPIs

We immerse ourselves in your brand to understand the unique pain points and needs of your business, uncover overall goals and objectives and work hand-in-hand with your team to get the full picture. We’re passionate, results-driven and we cut to the chase so we can focus on a strategic approach to positively build your brand and tell your unique story.


Strategy | Buy-In | Scheduling

Whether we’re working with clients on a project basis or as part of a long-term relationship, we understand the unique needs of your business and the value of a strong return on investment. We take a multi-faceted approach to integrated marketing, media relations and digital storytelling, securing high-profile feature opportunities for clients and increased their media exposure across a range of outlets.


Design | Deploy | Announce

We are reputation innovators who build meaningful relationships with the community, media and partners to accelerate engagement and bring your brand to the next level. We craft campaigns, experiences and creative that deliver, connecting you with your desired audience in a memorable and unexpected way.


Debrief | Report | Takeaways

Demonstrating the impact of our work through data and insights from your bottom line is the ultimate measure of success. With Shared Reports baked into our overall offering, our monthly success metrics will lean into your KPIs to ensure the right modifications are being made to seek out the desired results.

We’re the ones BTS keeping you 
top-of-mind,  seen & heard.

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