What We Can Do For You



What We Can Do For You


SMC provides a comprehensive portfolio of public relations expertise on a retained or project basis and ensures all of these services are seamlessly integrated and unified around a client’s brand with the full marketing mix in mind. In addition, SMC collaborates with like-minded partners that represent some of the best creative talent in the arenas of graphic design, web development, copywriting, photography, and video production.



Strategy is the foundation of every solid marketing communications plan. Even the most brilliant of concepts will fall short if there is not a clear and logical trail from idea to strategy to flawless execution. Whatever your goals, SMC ensures your campaign will feature individual programs that focus on targeted actions and channels, ensuring maximum return on investment.


In today’s age of online immediacy, no communications strategy is complete without incorporating digital and social media. From nurturing relationships with online journalists and bloggers to providing content management and e-newsletters and providing reliable coverage on social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, SMC ensures its clients maintain a strong and consistent online presence and communicate effectively with their target audience.


Media relations forms the core of every SMC campaign, and we've built a solid reputation as some of the industry’s leading PR professionals. Timely, fresh and informative content in the form of press releases, biographies, blog entries and newsletters, coupled with targeted placement and one-on-one pitching, ensures that your message will stand out from the rest.


SMC helps a host of clients manage social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by creating engaging, original content and leveraging existing content to increase followers, interact with their online communities and achieve maximum engagement. SMC also develops and implements creative social media strategies and promotional campaigns like contests and giveaways, tracks effectiveness of those campaigns and provides regular feedback to the team on insights gained.


Our associates are experts when it comes to preparing and coaching clients on how to interact with media during live interviews and TV segments, allowing them to feel confident on camera while staying on message. At SMC, we will work one on one with the client to write the script and provide the key messaging to use for maximum impact.


SMC cultivates relationships with influential people in social media spheres such as foodies, lifestyle bloggers and instagrammers to leverage their networks and help our clients expand their reach and promote their brands. Trusted voices in their respective online communities, these influencers represent a unique and authentic opportunity to communicate brand messages and engage a target audience while creating more online visibility.


Whether it’s grand openings, wine and dinner galas, cocktail parties, media receptions, fundraisers or book launches, SMC events are designed to deliver maximum media attention and increased exposure. SMC strives to create a customized plan to fit each client’s needs to ensure that the anticipation builds from pre-opening through launch and continues well beyond the first year of operation.


Whether it’s a new dish, a new addition to the team or a new product or event, we work with a trusted and expert team of in-house and freelance photographers, videographers and graphic designers to custom-design a full suite of creative material suitable for both print and digital purposes.